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Join the team:
Volunteer for DU!

It's a great way to have fun, meet new people and support DU's critical waterfowl habitat conservation work.  Whether it's selling tickets, gathering donations, securing sponsorships, contacting government officials, or putting together an event; DU volunteers make it possible.


Joining is simple.


Call Joe Marra, or any Monroe Ducks Unlimited committee member.

Joe Marra

(734) 384-3915


Please Patronize Our Sponsors.

Monroe Ducks Unlimited ​Committee

Joe Marra

Chairman/Recruitment Chair

Tom O'Hara


​Jan Marra

Treasurer/Chapter Web Master/Former State Webmaster

​Tracy Oberleiter

Michigan State Chairman /Former State Treasurer /Former Chapter Chapter Chairman

​Dave Perry

Master of Ceremonies & Michigan State Treasurer

/Former Chapter Chairman

​Don Rushlow

Outside Event & SBA Chairman

​Bill Nichilo

Food Chairman

​Paul Mushung

Gun Chairman

​Pat Doran

Attendance Chairman

​Tally Beck

Facebook Chairperson

Chelsey Baker

Daniel Baker

Karen Bennett

Larry Bennett

Brad Booth

Brandon Doran

Cheryl Doran

Todd Dunsmore

Jake Durell

Troy Goodnough

Paul Goodnuff

Eric Hunter

Mary Kuhn

Ric Kuhn

Howard LeCompte

Kathy LeCompte

Mike Larnhart

Michelle LaVoy

Keith Masserant

Dick Micka

Jeanne Micka

Bryan Miller

Whitney Miller

Dar Mushung

Sandy O’Hara

Tommy O’Hara

Marsha Oberleiter

Beth Perry

Deb Staelgraeve

Jenise Steinman

Kurt Steinman

David Thompson

Darlene Tibai

Jerry Tibai

Laurie Tibai

Special Volunteers


A Special thank you to all the family, spouses and friends of committee members who not only volunteer their time at our events, but also give their support throughout the year.

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